2020-2021 Senior Award Recipients

Religion & Ethnography
Recipient: Sofia Pauca
Inaugurated in 2012, is awarded to a student majoring in the Department of Religion who achieves distinction in ethnographic study of one or more religious communities.

Horton M. Davies Prize in the History of Christianity
Recipient: Nathan Rim
Inaugurated in 2006, this prize is awarded to that student who has done the most outstanding or original independent work in the history of Christianity/Western Religious Art & Literature.

Religion, Culture, and Society
Recipient: Malka Himmelhoch
Inaugurated in 2017, this award goes to the best independent work on a topic related to the role of religion in culture and/or society.

Religion in America
Recipient: Emily McLean
Established in 1996, this award is for the graduating senior who has done outstanding work in the subfield of Religions in the Americas.