Cathleen Kaveny Lounge Seminar

    "From Consensus to Division: The Devolution of the Jeremiad"

    Monday April 22, 2013 - Religion Department Lounge - 1879 Hall

    Cathleen Kaveny is currently a visiting professor in the Religion Department. She is a John P. Murphy Foundation Professor of Law and Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. Her academic interests lie at the intersection of law, morality, and religion. Professor Kaveny will be presenting material from her forthcoming book, which is titled Prophecy without Contempt: An Ethics of Religious Rhetoric in the Public Square. The book argues that much religious discourse in the American public square is indebted to evolving forms of the Puritan jeremiad, a form of rhetoric that is at once religious and political. The material to be discussed is Chapter 5, which examines how the jeremiad developed from an instrument of social consensus in early Puritan times to a rhetoric that highlights and deepens social division in our own era.

    Sponsored By The Department of Religion

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