Mira Balberg Lounge Seminar

    "Flesh, Blood, Meat: The Reinvention of Sacrifice in Early Rabbinic Literature"

    4:30 PM, Thursday March 28, 2013 - Religion Department Lounge - 1879 Hall

    While rabbinic culture is often viewed and discussed as a post-sacrificial or even anti-sacrificial tradition, the topic of sacrificial worship occupies over a quarter of the early rabbinic corpus. How are we to conceive of the rabbis' engagement with the topic of sacrifice in a world in which sacrificial practices are becoming more and more obsolete? Is this a form of nostalgia or preservation of the past, or perhaps a quiet conceptual revolution that reinvents the notion of sacrifice and carves a new place for it within the rabbinic halakhic discourse? Mira Balberg is an assistant professor of Religious Studies at Northwestern University, whose main topics of interest are the early history of halakhah, corporeality and materiality in rabbinic culture, and the formation of rabbinic subjectivity. Her book Recomposing Purity: Body, Person, and Self in the Mishnah is forthcoming with the University of California Press.

    Sponsored By The Department of Religion

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