Paulina Ochoa Espejo Lounge Seminar

    Paulina Ochoa Espejo Lounge Seminar
    "Liberalism, Political Theology and Democratic Legitimacy"

    4:30 PM Tuesday May 6, 2014

    Location: Religion Department Lounge - 1879 Hall

    Paulina Ochoa Espejo is a Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Fellow at the Center for Human Values. She is an assistant professor of political science at Yale University. She works at the intersection of democratic theory and the history of political thought, especially on questions about democratic legitimacy, popular sovereignty and populism, immigration and the right to exclude, the territorial borders of the democratic state, and democracy in 19th century Latin America. She is the author of The Time of Popular Sovereignty: Process and the Democratic State (2011), "Paradoxes of Popular Sovereignty: A View from Spanish America" (Journal of Politics, 2012), and further peer-reviewed articles. During her time at UCHV, she will be completing a book manuscript, A Theory of Borders: People, Territory, and Legitimacy in the Democratic State.

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