Teaching Requirements

    Teaching Requirements

    Normally, all graduate students serve at some point in their careers as Assistants in Instruction. An Assistant leads preceptorials in undergraduate courses and is responsible for grading students as well. This opportunity depends, at any given time, upon undergraduate instructional needs, but the Department views such experience as integral to the professional education it offers. It also encourages graduate students to give lectures in appropriate undergraduate courses taught by members of the faculty.

Graduate News

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      Aug 11, 2015
      Timothy M. Renick*86 testimony before the U.S. Senate
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2014 Danforth Lecture

  • churches
    featuring Winnifred Fallers Sullivan
    Title: "The Church's Two Bodies:
    Exploring the Incomplete Secularization
    of the American Churches"
    Date: Thursday, February 12, 2015
    Time: 4:30 PM
    Location: Betts Auditorium School of Architecture