Shaun  Marmon

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      Shaun Marmon

      Title: Associate Professor of Religion.
      Position: Faculty
      Office: 132 1879 Hall
      Phone: (609) 258-4492
      Areas: Islam
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      Shaun Marmon joined the Princeton faculty in 1992. Her research interests include the study of slavery, gender, and ideas of "race" and ethnicity in Muslim societies; the relationship between Islamic law and medieval social practice; and the social and cultural history of the Mamluk Empire. Her publications include Eunuchs and Sacred Boundaries in Islamic Society and Slavery in the Islamic Middle East. Her current project is entitled, The Naming of Nightingale: The Experience of Female Slavery in the Urban Centers of the Mamluk Empire. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on the history of the Islamic tradition, on women, gender and sexuality in Islamic societies, on "legal categories and social realities" in the Medieval Middle East and on the comparative study of slavery.

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2013 Danforth Lecture

  • featuring Robert Wuthnow
    Princeton University
    Title: "Polls, Surveys, and the Shaping of American Religion"
    Date: Wednesday, December 4, 2013
    Time: 4:30 PM
    Location: Betts Auditorium School of Architecture