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    What do religion majors do after majoring in religion? They do the same things that other humanities majors do, in roughly the same proportions. Many go to medical school, law school, or business school. A handful of them pursue advanced degrees in the study of religion or a neighboring discipline. Fewer still enter religious vocations. Majoring in religion is not, for most students, a route to a religious career, any more than majoring in English typically puts someone on a path toward becoming a novelist, a poet, or a literary critic. Like other forms of humanistic discipline, it does, however, have a tendency to broaden and deepen a student's understanding of the world and to sharpen his or her mind.

    Religion majors, like most liberal arts concentrators at Princeton, follow many different paths after graduation. Most go into careers such as law, medicine, business, advertising, journalism, politics, teaching, foreign affairs, publishing and creative writing. Some choose to take a year or more off and spend their time working for social service programs such as Teach for America and the Peace Corps. A few go on to graduate school in religion, history, literature, philosophy, area studies and anthropology. A small number of our graduates enter seminaries and rabbinical schools.

    We see the diversity of our majors' interests and the many paths they choose after graduation as evidence that the major in religion teaches skills of thinking, communicating and understanding.

    Career Services offers extensive programs, services, and resources to assist students with career exploration such as individual career counseling and over 250 career-related events including workshops, career panels, alumni guest speakers, employer information sessions, and career fairs. Individual appointments may be scheduled through our online scheduling system, and walk-ins are available every day from 3-5 pm during the academic year. For more information, visit Career Services' website at Career Services' TigerTracks system is the primary employment and internship portal for Princeton students and features a comprehensive listing of all full-time, internship, and fellowship opportunities (and on-campus interviews) posted by employer organizations from a wide range of industries and fields.

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2014 Danforth Lecture

  • churches
    featuring Winnifred Fallers Sullivan
    Title: "The Church's Two Bodies:
    Exploring the Incomplete Secularization
    of the American Churches"
    Date: Thursday, February 12, 2015
    Time: 4:30 PM
    Location: Betts Auditorium School of Architecture