Deadlines Juniors

    Deadlines and Important Dates for Junior Independent Work

    Department of Religion 2013-2014

    Sept. 12, (Thurs., noon) Mandatory Undergraduate Meeting (Dept. Lounge)

    Nov. 11-13, (Mon.-Wed.) Meet with Departmental Representative to review Spring Course Selections & Junior Paper ideas
    Must bring completed Junior Worksheet and Course Worksheet to meeting with A.M. Luijendijk. (Available on the department website under forms)

    Jan. 7, (Tues.) Abroad JP's due

    EXTENSIONS: Will allow extensions to Dean's date 1/14/14. Approval must be given by Nancy Kanach and student's Dean.

    Jan.14, (Tues., noon) Two copies of JP proposal due to Ryan Harper:
    Electronic copy via email and a hard copy in course mailbox,
    1879 Hall room 145. Advisers will be assigned shortly after submission

    Feb. 10, (Mon.) Meet with JP adviser no later than this date

    Feb. 17, (Mon.) Submit five-page JP proposal to your adviser
    Proposal should include (at minimum):
    Description of topic, major issues, approach you plan to take,
    outline and a preliminary bibliography

    March 10, (Mon.) Submit draft of 15 pages to adviser

    March 31, (Mon.) Submit complete draft to adviser

    April 21, (Mon., noon) Junior Paper due
    Turn in to Kerry Smith, Room 145

    May 7, (Wed., 12-2 pm) Department picnic, lawn outside 1879 Hall

    May 8, (Thurs., 12-2pm) Rain date for picnic

    May 9, (Fri., noon) Email Junior Statement to Kerry Smith

    May 13, (Tues.) Students receive adviser comments and JP's back

    May 14-16, (Wed.-Fri.) Junior Conversations
    (You MUST leave these days open and unscheduled)


Undergraduate News

Senior Award Recipients

2013 Danforth Lecture

  • featuring Robert Wuthnow
    Princeton University
    Title: "Polls, Surveys, and the Shaping of American Religion"
    Date: Wednesday, December 4, 2013
    Time: 4:30 PM
    Location: Betts Auditorium School of Architecture