Religion And Special Programs

    Students who wish to combine the study of religion with work in programs should consult the departmental representative. In recent years, Religion majors have received certificates in African Studies, African-American Studies, American Studies, East Asian Studies, European Cultural Studies, Hellenic Studies, Judaic Studies, Near Eastern Studies, Theater and Dance, Visual Arts and Women and Gender Studies.

    Please note that while students are encouraged to explore the academic opportunities that the interdisciplinary programs provide, requirements for the major in Religion must take priority over work in the programs.

    Beginning in the fall of 2010,the Department of Religion and the Center for African American Studies will offer an opportunity for students to complete the requirements for the major in Religion and the certificate in African American Studies in a coherent and efficient manner.

    A student majoring in Religion may fulfill the requirements for the Certificate in African American Studies by completing three courses in African American Studies that are offered by Religion Department faculty and cross listed with AAS. In addition to AAS 201, a student would then only need to take one additional course either in the Race and Public Policy track, or in the Global Race and Ethnicity track in order to graduate with a certificate in African American Studies. One of those two additional courses would count as a cognate course for the major in Religion.

    Current cross-listed courses include:

    • AAS 321/REL 321: Black Power and Its Theology of Liberation
    • AAS 305/REL 391: The History of Black Gospel Music
    • REL 320 /AAS 320:African-American Religious History
    • REL 367 /AAS 346: The American Jeremiad and Social Criticism in the U.S.
    • AAS 332/REL 332: The Nation of Islam in America
    • AAS 318 / REL 318: Black Women and Spiritual Narrative

    For additional information on the Certificate in African American Studies students should consult the AAS departmental representative.