Deadlines Seniors

Deadlines and Important Dates for Seniors
Department of Religion

Sept. 14, (Wed., 12:20) Mandatory Undergraduate Meeting (Dept. Lounge)

Sept. 19-23, (Mon. – Fri.) Meet with Departmental Representative to discuss Senior Thesis topics and submit your Senior Worksheet (available on the department website)

Week of Oct. 3rd Students notified of thesis adviser assignments

Week of Oct. 10th Students meet with thesis adviser

Oct. 24, (Mon.) Submit five-page thesis proposal to adviser

The proposal should include (at minimum):

– description of topic, scope of the project, and methodological approach you plan to take
– discussion of how your coursework at Princeton or elsewhere has prepared you to pursue the topic
– a brief survey of sources and discussion of the kinds of evidence you plan to use
– a discussion of the contribution your work will make to the existing scholarship in your area
– a preliminary bibliography
– a preliminary writing plan or chapter outline

PLEASE NOTE: Your adviser may require that you submit a revised proposal before you move to the research and writing phase.

Week of Nov. 28th Meet with Dep. Rep. to review Spring Course Selections
Please bring the Area Requirement Form (available on the department website)

Dec. 19, (Mon.) Submit partial first draft (20 pages) to Undergraduate Administrator by 3:00pm

Jan. 23, (Mon.) Submit draft of additional twenty pages to adviser

Feb. 20, (Mon.) Submit draft of additional twenty pages to adviser

Mar. 13, (Mon.) Submit draft of entire thesis to adviser

Apr. 17, (Mon., noon) Submit two copies of thesis, 1 electronic & 1 hard copy, to the Undergraduate Administrator by 12:00pm

EXTENSIONS: Extensions of independent work deadlines may be granted only under extraordinary circumstances, usually involving medical conditions, and students must petition the departmental representative in advance of the deadline. Individual advisers cannot grant extensions. For extensions beyond Dean’s date, students must consult their residential college Dean or Director of Studies.

May 3, (Wed., noon) Mandatory meeting for seniors, department lounge
(Discussion on Senior Comprehensive Examinations)

May 10, (Wed., 12-2) Department picnic, lawn outside 1879 Hall
May 11, (Thurs., 12-2) Rain date for picnic

May 12, (Fri., noon) Email Senior Comprehensive Statement to Undergraduate Administrator

May 15, (Mon.) Students receive comments from first and second readers

May 17-19, (Wed.-Fri.) Senior Comprehensive Orals (You MUST leave these dates open and unscheduled.) Each exam allotted 90 minutes

June 5, (Mon. 1:30-2:30) Class Day Reception, Mathey College Common Room

June 6, (Tues.) Commencement Day