Academic Fields

The Department of Religion at Princeton offers broad coverage of materials and issues traditionally treated under such rubrics as history of religion, philosophy of religion, church history, Judaic studies, Buddhist studies, Western religious thought, and religious ethics. It also devotes much attention to subjects that do not fall neatly into any of the standard categories. It offers extensive resources, for example, in the comparative study of popular religions, and most members of the faculty are engaged in serious reflection on methodological and conceptual issues that are not unique to a special field.

While the Department encourages its graduate students to work out innovative programs of study and to make use of the full range of available resources, it also requires each student to demonstrate mastery of one of the fields of concentration. When applying to the program, candidates should indicate which field they intend to pursue.


Asian Religions
Religion, Ethics, and Politics
1879 Hall
Philosophy and Religion
Religions of Mediterranean Antiquity