SAFE Guidelines

Religion Department Funding Opportunities (SAFE)



The Religion Department Fund supports students’ scholarly travel to various Conferences, especially the annual AAR/SBL.

All graduate students of the Religion department, regardless of year, are welcome and eligible to apply.

Our funding is meant to supplement and defray costs incurred when traveling and may not cover all expenses.

Due to the very limited amount of funding available, please always research and look for additional funding opportunities such as the Dean’s Fund for Scholarly Travel (G3 – DCE1).

The maximum grant amount within a year is currently set to $800. Depending on the number of applications received, less may be given. Money is distributed as fairly as possible among all applicants with priority given to presenters, job market candidates and panelists as well as to those that were unable to secure other funding due to restrictions (but NOT missed deadlines).
However, additional funding may be awarded at the end of the academic year if funds are still available. A new application may be required at that time.


Deadlines AY 2022-23:

Opportunity: "Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature Conference"

Application opens:  October 03, 2022

Application closes:  December 05, 2022

Decision period from:  December 06, 2022 to December 16, 2022


Opportunity: "Religion Department Conference Funding for Graduate Students"

Application opens:  August 01, 2022

Application closes:  July 15, 2023

Decision period from:  Decisions are typically made after the event for which funding is requested has occurred and receipts are submitted. This to account for changes in travel plans.


Award Guidelines

The current maximum grant amount per AY is $800 (2022-23)

Please note: not every request can be granted due to the limited amount of funding available.

Expenses included for consideration:

  • Airfare
  • Lodging (up to three nights)
  • Ground Transportation
  • Registration fee

Expenses excluded from consideration:

  • Annual membership fees
  • Meals of any kind
  • Activities outside of the event

Receipts are required before funding can be considered.