Ad Hoc Joint Ph.D. in Philosophy and Religion

The Departments of Religion and Philosophy are collaborating to offer a “Joint Ph.D. in Philosophy and Religion” on an ad hoc basis.  Candidates for the joint degree must be admitted to one department but must also have the full support for pursuing the joint degree from the other department.  They must also be approved by a faculty committee of the Graduate School to pursue the joint degree once enrolled.  Although subject to change, the joint degree requirements have been approved by both departments and are available on request.  A joint degree will allow students to apply to jobs and fellowships in both disciplines. Interested prospective students should choose a home department and apply to it, but also inform the Director of Graduate Studies of that department at the time of application that they are interested in pursuing the Joint Ph.D. in Philosophy and Religion.  Students who are already enrolled in one of the two departments may also be able to apply for the ad hoc Joint Ph.D., but typically by no later than the end of their third semester.

For more information, please email Florian Fues.