Abdullah Naveed


Abdullah Naveed is a doctoral student in the Islam subfield at the Department of Religion. Prior to Princeton, he earned an MA in Religion from the University of Chicago and a BA in History from the Lahore University of Management Sciences. 

In his previous work he has explored Islam in South Asia and the broader Persianate world with an emphasis on religious institutions, knowledge production, and indigenous engagements with colonial modernity. Currently, he is working on a spectrum of South Asian intellectual thinkers who have theorized on the conceptual categories of history, time, and modernity in their relation to the divine. His work traces these modern engagements in relation to the classical Islamic tradition.

He works with Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and French sources and has spent time in Jordan studying Arabic intensively. At Princeton, he hopes to develop his proficiency in Turkish.

Alongside these interests, Abdullah also works more broadly on the role of the modern humanities in its the relation to the built world within a larger transdisciplinary ecosystem. He is also happy to hear from and speak with prospective graduate students.