Bryan Lowe

Faculty - LOA Fall 2023
Assistant Professor of Religion, Melanchton W. Jacobus University Preceptor
Office Hours

Field of Study
Asian Religions


Bryan Lowe joined Princeton’s Department of Religion in 2019. He specializes in Buddhism in ancient Japan (seventh through ninth centuries) and has broader research interests in ritual, manuscript studies, historiography, canons, and the religion of non-elites. Lowe’s first book, Ritualized Writing: Buddhist Practice and Scriptural Cultures in Ancient Japan, received the John Whitney Hall Book Prize from the Association of Asian Studies. He is currently working on a new book that combines manuscript and archaeological evidence to consider the role of preaching and ritual in the spread of Buddhism to the Japanese provinces. Lowe has received generous support for his research from an ACLS Robert H. N. Ho Foundation fellowship, the National Endowment for the Humanities, Fulbright IIE, Japan Foundation, the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies (Tokyo), and others. He taught at Vanderbilt University from 2012–2019 prior to coming to Princeton.

He also helps edit an online Guide to Shōsōin Research.