Enoch Kuo


Enoch Kuo joined the department in 2017. His research sits at the intersection of religious studies, political theory, and the history of science and seeks to effect a political-ethical turn in the study of the intersection between religion and science. His dissertation project, tentatively titled "Beyond Sovereignty: The Political Theology of Friedrich Schleiermacher" attempts to revisit a foundational figure in the modern study of religion by setting his reflections on religion alongside his contribution to post-Revolution political philosophy. The dissertation reconstructs and situates Schleiermacher's political philosophical arguments alongside those of his better-known contemporaries (Kant, Fichte, and Hegel) and scholarship on key developments in republican politics in the wake of the American and French Revolutions. In addition to a non-liberal account of the separation of church and state that highlights the ongoing political significance of ecclesiology in modernity, Schleiermacher also offers a creative political-economically sensitive conception of right, a non-statist account of collective property, and a non-sovereign, non-contractualist account of republican liberty that allow him to stake out a somewhat unconventional approach to understanding the nature of race and inequality in the modern state.

Other research interests include: 1) the political theology of the “conflict thesis” between science and religion and its role in shaping contemporary academic practice; 2) the politics of natural theology and moving beyond constructivist-realist responses to the persistence of race science; 3) Asian-American theology; 4) the conception of justice involved in the doctrine of justification and its politico-ecclesiological implications for debates about religion and liberal democracy; 5) what science studies can teach us about rethinking the relationship between theology and religious studies; 6) theories of causality and providence in the early modern era; 7) the historiography of early modern philosophy and science.

Enoch also holds an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary as well as a B.A. in Religion from Princeton University.