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Professor of Religion
Director of the Center for Culture, Society and Religion
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Asian Religions


Jonathan C. Gold is Professor in the Department of Religion and Director of the Center for Culture, Society and Religion. A scholar of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, he is especially interested in Buddhist approaches to meaning, ethics, language and learning. He is the author of The Dharma’s Gatekeepers: Sakya Paṇḍita on Buddhist Scholarship in Tibet (2007) and Paving the Great Way: Vasubandhu’s Unifying Buddhist Philosophy (2015) as well as numerous articles, including recently “Wholesome Mind Ethics: A Buddhist Paradigm” in the Journal of Value Inquiry and the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entries on Vasubandhu and Sakya Paṇḍita. He is co-editor, with Douglas S. Duckworth, of Readings of Śāntideva’s Guide to Bodhisattva Practice (Bodhicaryāvatāra) (2019). In his current work he is developing a Buddhist approach to politics and social thought.

ABC Religion & Ethics, “Don’t Hand Power to Dangerous People (even when they really want it)—a modest Buddhist proposal,” March 8, 2022.

ABC Religion & Ethics, “Trump’s karma, and ours”:

Conference Talk “What Use is Buddhist Philosophy? Constructing the Path for Academia,”
Numata Symposium on Buddhist Philosophy: The State of the Field, University of California, Berkeley, September 2019.

Co-presenting with Elaine Pagels at the Aspen Ideas Festival 2019 on the topic of ‘Jesus, Buddha, and the Search for Meaning’:

Opinion piece in Sightings, “Was it Kavanaugh’s Guilty Conscience, or His Karma?”:

Panel on “Approaches to Translation & Transmission”
2017 Tsadra Foundation Conference on Tibetan Translation

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