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Professor of Religion
Director of the Center for Culture, Society and Religion
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Asian Religions


Jonathan C. Gold is Professor in the Department of Religion and Director of the Center for Culture, Society and Religion. A scholar of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, he is especially interested in Buddhist approaches to meaning, ethics, language and learning. He is the author of The Dharma’s Gatekeepers: Sakya Paṇḍita on Buddhist Scholarship in Tibet (2007) and Paving the Great Way: Vasubandhu’s Unifying Buddhist Philosophy (2015) as well as numerous articles, including recently “Pyrrho’s Buddha on Duḥkha and the Liberation from Views” in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, “Wholesome Mind Ethics: A Buddhist Paradigm” in the Journal of Value Inquiry and the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entries on Vasubandhu and Sakya Paṇḍita. He is co-editor, with Douglas S. Duckworth, of Readings of Śāntideva’s Guide to Bodhisattva Practice (Bodhicaryāvatāra) (2019). In his current work he is developing a Buddhist approach to politics and social thought.

“Commentary: Is Advertising a Problem for Buddhism?” Lion’s Roar, September 10, 2023.

“Buddhism Can Handle the Simulation and the Singularity,” Tricycle, July 30, 2023.

ABC Religion & Ethics, “Don’t Hand Power to Dangerous People (even when they really want it)—a modest Buddhist proposal,” March 8, 2022.

ABC Religion & Ethics, “Trump’s karma, and ours”:

Conference Talk “What Use is Buddhist Philosophy? Constructing the Path for Academia,”
Numata Symposium on Buddhist Philosophy: The State of the Field, University of California, Berkeley, September 2019.

Co-presenting with Elaine Pagels at the Aspen Ideas Festival 2019 on the topic of ‘Jesus, Buddha, and the Search for Meaning’:

Opinion piece in Sightings, “Was it Kavanaugh’s Guilty Conscience, or His Karma?”:

Panel on “Approaches to Translation & Transmission”
2017 Tsadra Foundation Conference on Tibetan Translation

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