Lydia Bremer McCollum


Dr. Lydia Bremer-McCollum is a scholar of religion who specializes in the history and development of ancient Christianity in the first through fifth centuries CE. Her research centers on questions of justice and the diversity of practices and traditions of the early Jesus movement. She is also an expert in Coptic language and literature with a specialty in the Nag Hammadi corpus. Her current book project examines the historiography of ancient codices in the field of early Christian studies and the desires, fantasies, and attachments that materialize amongst the fragmentary remains of these inscribed artifacts. Her approach brings together materialist feminist theory, anti-colonial theory, and Black and Womanist thought with the study of the ancient Mediterranean world. Her work examines the material-discursive inheritances of colonialism and white supremacy in the fields of New Testament studies. She earned her Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Harvard University.