Mitsuhiro Kameyama


Mitsuhiro Kameyama is a first-year doctoral student in the Department of Religion at Princeton University. After graduating from Osaka University, Mitsuhiro completed his master’s degree at Tohoku University, where his thesis received the fifth annual Hajime Nakamura Award in Eastern Thought and Culture in 2019 and was published in 2022 by Hozokan Press (Kyoto). His current research utilizes interdisciplinary approaches to investigate modern discourse on Buddhist precepts (karitisu 戒律) in Japan from the late-nineteenth century onward, with a focus on the formation of the concept of “religion.” Aside from his interest in precept practices, his research interests include revisiting the “modernity” of Buddhism through stories of “karma,” religious movements centered on Guanyin (Jp. Kannon 観音), and the trans-war discourses of pacifism among Japanese religions.