Rebecca Faulkner


Rebecca Faulkner specializes in the study of Islam. She earned her PhD in 2021 from the Department of Religion at Princeton University. She is interested in political philosophy, political economy, and theology, especially in relation to Islamic modernism in South Asia. Her current book manuscript focuses on the poet-philosopher Muhammad Iqbal.

In the 2021-22 academic year, Faulkner has been appointed Lecturer in the Department of Religion and is teaching “Introduction to Islam” in the fall and “Muslim America” in the spring. She has previously taught in the departments of Near Eastern Studies, Philosophy, and Religion for the courses “Muslims and the Qur’an,” “Religion and Reason,” and “Jesus and Buddha.” She is interested in historical game pedagogy and participates in several organizations related to its study and development, including Reacting to the Past and the related Game Development Conference.

Recently, her research has been supported by the Center for Culture, Society, and Religion, the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, and the Center for Digital Humanities.

Prior to joining the Department of Religion at Princeton, Faulkner earned an MA in Islamic Studies from Columbia University with a thesis on phenomenology and metaphysics of religious experience. She holds dual BA summa cum laude in Philosophy and Religion from the University of Georgia, where she also completed a certificate in Native American Studies.