Conference Schedule

Thursday, March 12

( McCormick Hall 101 )

4:30     Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Eric Gregory (Princeton University)

4:35-6:00     Keynote

Ernesto Cortés Jr. (Industrial Areas Foundation)
“The Virtue of Cunning”

Introduced by Jeffrey Stout (Princeton University)
Response by Victor Thasiah (California Lutheran University)


Friday, March 13

( Aaron Burr 219 )

8:30-9:00     Continental Breakfast

9:00-10:30     Panel 1: Sovereignty

Richard Miller (University of Chicago)
“Indignation, Empathy, and Solidarity.”

Luke Bretherton (Duke University)
“Who stands for the whole? Three rival visions of sovereignty”

Respondent: Leora Batnitzky (Princeton University, Religion)

10:30-10:45     Break

10:45-12:15     Panel 2: Praxis

Daniel Groody, C.S.C. (University of Notre Dame)
“Passing over: theology, migration and praxis”

Melissa Snarr (Vanderbilt University)
Interfaith Resistance to Economic Inequality

Respondent: Molly Farneth (The New School)

12:15-1:15     Lunch

1:15-2:45     Panel 3: Power and Social Ethics

Gary Dorrien (Union Theological Seminary)
“Economic Power, Social Ethics, and Economic Democracy”

Jeffrey Stout (Princeton University, Religion)
How to Name Social Ills”

Respondent: Robin Lovin (Center of Theological Inquiry)

2:45-3:00     Break

3:00-4:30     Keynote

John Bowlin (Princeton Theological Seminary)
“Compromises and Half Measures in Christian Social Ethics”

Introduced by Eric Gregory
Response by Keri Day

4:30-6:00     Reception