Undergraduate Program

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Professor Seth Perry
Room 249 1879 Hall (258-6008)

Undergraduate Administrator: Michelle Medici
Room 145 1879 Hall (258-5172)

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Undergraduate Overview

Religion permeates diverse aspects of human culture, from literature and the arts to law, philosophy, and politics. Faculty of the Religion Department explore a wide range of traditions and topics through an interdisciplinary array of methodologies. The concentration in Religion enables students to develop advanced proficiency in the examination of religious phenomena from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes the study of texts, historical contexts, material culture, philosophical ideas, and everyday practices. Concentrators in Religion develop excellence in connecting the methodologies of religious studies to larger conceptual themes and questions in the humanities and humanistic social sciences.

The purpose of the concentration is to analyze religion as an integral and critical aspect of human life, past and present. The study of religion demands rigorous and robust training in critical research skills such as philosophical investigation, historical research, discourse analysis and ethnography. A concentration in religion equips students with research tools and modes of inquiry that are applicable to a variety of different fields, both during and after their undergraduate careers. Princeton Religion concentrators have gone on to careers in (for example) academia, activist work, business, entertainment, fine arts, government, international diplomacy, journalism, law, medicine, the non-profit sector, and public service.