2014 Senior Theses

Arellano, Alexis
Women in The Ring of the Dove: A Feminist Perspective on Ibn Hazm’s Conception of Love

Clark, James
Informing Worldviews: Jewish Reform, American Rabbis, and the Civil War’s Slavery Question

Clement, Christopher
The Decision to Marry: African-American Women, the Black Church, and the Institution of Marriage

Ellis, Nicholas
Flashes of Light: A Close Analysis of Raging Bull Within its Italian-American Catholic Context

Greer, Launa
“And She’s Makin’ for de Promise Land”: Prophetic Black Holy Land Travel Literature, 1873-1939

Hardy, Brittany
Jammin’ in Jahmekya: A Study of Jamaican Perception of Bob Marley’s Musical Contribution to Rastafari

Hornsby, Emily
From Ishmael to Armageddon: American Evangelical Interpretations of the Role of Islam in Biblical End Times Prophecies

Ma, Sing Sing
140 Character Limits: A Study on Change, Responses to Pope Francis, and the Impact of Digital Media

Nevels, Ravonne
What It May Mean to Be Honest with God

Nice, Olivia
Yoga for the Actor: A Hidden Key to Stanislavsky’s System

Seni, Jordyn
Forgive us our Trespasses: Transgressions of the Catholic Clergy and the Diocese of Spokane as a Model for Future Diocesan Bankruptcy

Stuart, R. Douglas
Origins of Fear How the Arian Controversy Shaped Orthodox Thinking

Will, David
Religion in American Public Education: Republican Citizenship, Parental Rights and the Supreme Court