2015 Senior Theses

Armstrong, Meredith Haley
Catholic and Protestant Environmentalism: A Critique of Lynn White’s Attributions of Christian Responsibility for the Environmental Crisis

Coles, Evan
The Risen Trane: An Investigation of Coltrane Consciousness as an Improvised Religion

Donsky, Aliyah
To Welcome Angels Unaware: Mobilizing Evangelical Support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Edwards, Daniel J.
Coping with Unexpected Death: The Family Victim’s Life after Capital Murder

Edwards, Melody
Crafting Identities: A Relational Approach to the Material Culture of the Peace Mission Movement

Hoffman, Lauren
Seek the Welfare of the City: Religion and Grassroots Revitalization in Detroit

Kelly, Abigail M.
“How Can I Keep from Singing?” Constructing a Quaker Lineage of Protest in Song between 1960 and 1980

Kim, Michelle
Creating an Oriental Christ: Contextual Theology in Endo Shusaku’s Major Literary Works

Laurenzi, Isabelle A.
Covenant Reformed: Milton on Preserving the Goods of Marriage and Government

Pennycooke, Nicole A.
Preaching to the Masses: A Practice in Politicking

Rodgers, Alex Janique
New Looks: Religious Activism, Fundamentalism, and Liberal Islam in the American Public Sphere

Rubin, Anna Pearl
Defining My Jewish Community: Intersections of Individuality and Community in America’s Post-College Jewish Meaning-Making

Sharpless, Susannah Penn
Jack Spicer’s Gnostic Poetics and the Crisis of Belief

von Thron, Jimmy
Terrorists turned Christian: What these five former radical Muslims who converted to Christianity tell us about the current state of Islam, America, and the Middle East

Williams, Emmy Frances
Apostates, Heretics, Tools of the Patriarchy: Defining the Spectrum of Contemporary Mormon Feminism