2016-2017 Senior Award Recipients

John Robinson Memorial Prize
Recipient:  Yosef Quint
Founded in 1957 in memory of John Lee Robinson, Class of ’57, by his parents.  Awarded to the senior in the Department of Religion who attains the highest departmental average.

George Potts Bible Prize
Recipient:  Yosef Quint
Founded in 1866 by Mrs. Sarah H. Brown.  Presented to one or more seniors who have demonstrated outstanding skill in the study of Biblical materials.

Horton Davies Prize
Recipient:  Luisa Banchoff
Inaugurated in 2006, this prize is awarded to the student who has done the most outstanding or original independent work in the history of Christianity/Western Religious Art & Literature.

Religion and Critical Thought
Recipient:      Luisa Banchoff
Inaugurated in 1996, this prize is awarded annually to that student who has done the most outstanding or original independent work in the area of Religion and Critical Thought.
Thesis Title:  Imagining the Homeland in the Diaspora: Lived Religion and Identity Formation among Syriac Christians in Berlin, Germany.
Advised by Eric Gregory

Religions in the Americas
Recipient:  Adam Hudnut-Beumler
Established in 1996, this award is for the graduating senior who has done
outstanding work in the subfield of Religions in the Americas.
Thesis Title:  “REAL BLACK SUPERSTARS” – Jesse Jackson and the Black Preacher in a Post-King World.
Advised by Wallace Best

Religion, Culture, and Society
Recipient:  Megan Soun
Inaugurated in 2017, this award goes to the best independent work on a topic related to the role of religion in culture and/or society.
Thesis Title:  God Alone or All in All: How God’s Future Separation or Reconciliation with Creation Informs Present Christian Eating.
Advised by Martha Himmelfarb

Princeton in Africa fellowship
Recipient: Luisa Banchoff
Non-profit organization that offers yearlong post-graduate fellowship opportunities with a variety of organizations working across the African continent.  In 2016-17, Princeton in Africa has 49 Fellows working in 15 countries with 31 organizations.

Sachs Global fellowship
Recipient: Becca Keener
Enables study at any foreign institution or the pursuit of an independent program of the Scholar’s own devising.  Becca will be attending LSE, London School of Economics.

Allen Macy Dulles ’51 Award
Recipient: Becca Keener
The award is given to a senior whose activities while at Princeton best represent or exemplify the University’s informal motto, “Princeton in the nation’s service and in the service of all nations.”