2016 Senior Theses

Bersani, Isabella F.
The Chinese Madonna: Syncretism of Madonna and Guanyin in Late Imperial Chinese Art

Boyer, Katharine S.
“Disobedient Daughters:” Feminist Rhetoric and the Fundamentalist Takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1979-2000

Cheruiyot, Edwin Kipkurui
Buddhism in China Tejaprabha in Art

Cohen, Atara M.
Heavenly Portions and Messianic Distortions: A Tale of Two Talmuds

Cohen, William J.
Pentecostal Preacher as Performer

Midkiff, Virginia M.
“Am I Not A Man and a Brother?”: The Marginalization of Persons with Mental Disabilities and Illnesses in the Protestant Tradition

Mullen, Jac F.
Chariots Rise Up From the Sea: Reading Revelation with 1 Kings

O’Connell, Kacie J.
The Scholar’s Jesus for the Average Joe: An Examination of Bart D. Ehrman’s and N.T. Wright’s Presentations of the Historical Jesus to Popular Audiences

Quereshi, Safeeyah S.
Jinn and Topics of Spiritual Contamination: Constructions of Womanhood and Madness in Islamic Societies

Ramirez, Daryl Camila
An Examination of New England Puritan Fasting and Devotional Practices in the Late 17th Century and Early 18th Century With an Emphasis on Cotton Mather

Rodriguez, Marcos
Political Necessity and Theological Adaptation: Lebanese Hezbollah’s Evolving Observance of Khomeini’s Doctrines

Singleton, Grace M.
Who Lived There First: Female Archetypes and Female Bodies in Martha Graham’s Embattled Garden

Stroud, Marcus D.
Decline of the Mainline: A Historical Analysis of the fall of Mainstream Protestantism and the rise of alternative forms of Religion and Practice