2017 Senior Theses

Banchoff, Luisa C.
Imagining the Homeland in the Diaspora: Lived Religion and Identity Formation among Syriac Christians in Berlin, Germany

Bell, Yanique
Religious Elements in American Dieting:  A Historical Review and Contemporary Analysis

Dhanani, Hafiz N.
Primordialist Spiritual Teachers In America

Hudnut-Beumler, Adam J.
“REAL BLACK SUPERSTARS” – Jesse Jackson and the Black Preacher in a Post-King World

Ibarcena Ruiz, Valeria C.
“The Primacy of Priesthood and Home”: Complexities of Correlation in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Keener, Becca
UNESCO in Palmyra: Culture as Problem and Solution in the War on Terror and the Syrian Civil War

Langaker, Eloise
From Secularism to Sharia: Misrepresentations of Islamic Culture in the Norwegian Legal System

Lathrop, William R.
Home and Wilderness: John Daido Loori’s Visions of Zen in the Catskill Mountains of New York

Mairone, Alexandra K.
American Evangelicalisms: How Divergent Political Visions Shape Evangelical Identities

Nunes, Antonio B.
Heaven Is Not For Real: Reconciling a Physicalist Framework of the Human Self with Christian Eschatology

Powell, Brooks A.
A Proposed Expansion of The Integration Profile (TIP):  Casting a Vision for the Future Possibilities of the TIP Model

Quint, Yosef (Yossi)
To Ask of God: The Development of Tefillah in the Rabbinic Period

Soun, Megan M.
God Alone or All in All: How God’s Future Separation or Reconciliation with Creation Informs Present Christian Eating