2018 Senior Theses

Chen, Kyle
Time for Peace: A Defense of Stanley Hauerwas’ Argument for Pacifism

Joa, Brandon
Disciples in the Service of All Nations: Narrative History and Theology of Missions through a Princeton Lens

Karim, Anhar
The Martyred Devil: An Analysis of Iblis as Depicted by Traditional Islamic Sources, Mansur Al-Hallaj, and Muhammad Iqbal

Leach , Nathan
The Kingdom of God is Within You: Tolstoy, Jesus, and a social ethics of peace

Maritz, Anna
The Styrofoam Cup: Spiritual Individualism in American Tibetan Buddhist Practice

Miller, Charles
Religion as a “Pseudospecies”: The Benefits and Implications of a Cultural Organism Ecological Approach to the Study of Religion

Scott, Abigail
When the World Became Small: Three Chapters Concerning the Role of Religion in 21st-Century American Nationalism

Silver, Jenny
Remittance Heroes: Intersections of Gender, Islam, And National Identity In The Rhetoric Of Indonesian Women’s Migrant Domestic Work