Class of 2021

Signing in to the Religion Department

Welcome to the Department of Religion! Here are the procedures for getting started in the major.

  1. Prerequisites: In order to declare the major in Religion, you need to have taken at least one course in the department.
  2. Consult the Department’s web site. Here you will find information about the major and the department beyond what is included in the Undergraduate Announcement. Especially useful will be the section on Courses where you will find information about which Area Requirements courses fulfill. Included in the section on the Undergraduate major, you will find forms and lists of deadlines for majors, as well as other materials.
  3. Make an appointment with the departmental representative through the Web Appointment Scheduling Engine (WASE) via the link from the Department’s web site. If the available hours don’t match your schedule, contact the departmental representative by email to set up another time to meet.

Please remember that the departmental representative is a faculty member in the department with teaching responsibilities in addition to advising, and is not a full-time administrator. Because of this, she or he may not be available if you choose to drop in without an appointment. It is important to plan ahead when you need to consult.

4. Prepare for your course selection meeting by reviewing the Registrar web page, and consulting the course list on the Religion Department web site to see whether the courses in which you’re interested fulfill major requirements.

***PLEASE NOTE*** All Junior Religion majors must take the Junior Colloquium (REL 399) in the Fall of 2019. This is a required course. Those juniors who have compelling reasons to study abroad in their fall semester should meet with the department representative about their plans, including plans for satisfying the junior colloquium and their preparation of their Junior Paper proposal.

Major declaration period is April 4th – 22nd.
Students coming for advising before this period should complete the Pre-Concentration Form on TigerHub. This electronic form will allow students to temporarily release their course history to department advisers to facilitate concentration advising discussions. (Students who have already declared their department of concentration will have access to the Departmental Academic Planning Form (DAPF).

The deadline for declaring your concentration on the Registrar’s web site and in the Department of Religion is April 22, 2019. You will be able to select courses on TigerHub from April 24- April 26.

To officially declare your major online for the University, click here: