Major Requirements

Prerequisite: Any course offered by the department.

Major Requirements: Majors are required to complete at least eight religion courses taught by department faculty (including visitors to the department of religion) by the end of the senior year.

1. All students are required to complete:

Religion 222: Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion

which will count toward the total of eight courses required for the major.

2. Students will select at least one course for each of the following three areas:

Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean: Judaism and Christianity from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

Religion in the Americas

Religion and Critical Thought

3. Students will select two courses in the following area from two different traditions:

Islam and the Religions of Asia

4. At least two additional courses listed as satisfying departmental requirements.
PLEASE NOTE: Not all courses (even if they are cross-listed with the Religion Department) satisfy the department’s area requirements. Please consult the course list posted on this website each semester for additional information about what requirements a given course might satisfy. A course may be counted toward one area distribution requirement only. In any year it is offered, 373 Studies in Religion will be assigned to the appropriate area.
Religion majors are required to take Religion courses for a letter grade. However, once senior religion majors have satisfied all departmental and area requirements, they are allowed to P/D/F departmental courses with permission from the departmental representative. Majors must obtain the written approval of the department representative prior to choosing this grading option.
In addition students are encouraged, but not required, to take two approved cognate courses in other departments that supplement coursework in the department in their area of focus (see Senior Year requirements). Approved cognate courses cannot substitute for any of the 8 required courses for the major, but will be calculated into departmental honors. The departmental representative must approve cognate courses.