Welcome Class of 2026

Registrar Major Declaration Guidelines on Website

A.B. sophomores preparing to enter the junior year must officially declare their intended concentration prior to selecting courses for the fall semester. The Class of 2026 concentration declaration period is March 28 through April 15, 2024. Each department has pre-requisite courses and steps required to enter the major. So, prior to the declaration, you must closely follow instructions from your intended department. Refer to the general department information for prospective AB concentrators and follow the instructions for concentrators or new majors for your intended department. If you have questions contact the department office to make an appointment with the Departmental Representative or designated departmental adviser.

After following departmental instructions, complete the process outlined below to declare your intended concentration. After completing this process, you will be able enroll in courses for the coming semester:

STEP 1. Meet department requirements and declare intention to concentrate

Indicate your intended concentration on the Concentration Declaration web site between March 28 and April 15. Intended concentrations are processed overnight. Departments will have access to your academic records one business day after you complete this form.  Note, entry into a concentration is subject to final approval by the department and assumes successful completion of pre-requisite courses.  Meet with representatives from your intended department prior to deadlines to make sure the process goes smoothly.

STEP 2. Complete the Departmental Academic Planning Form (DAPF)

One business day after you have declared your concentration, you must complete your DAPF in TigerHub. (Concentrations are processed overnight during the business week.) Submit your completed DAPF in TigerHub.

STEP 3. Follow department instructions for course advising and confirmation of major

After submitting your DAPF, review course plans with a departmental adviser, and secure approval for your courses for the coming semester.  Note: you must declare your intended concentration before both you and your department are able to view your DAPF. Some departments require additional steps to complete entry into the concentration (e.g., a department meeting or submission of additional forms).  Be sure to follow all instructions from your department.

After declaring your intended concentration and meeting with an adviser in your department to have your DAPF approved, you are ready to select courses for the coming term.  Sophomores will be able to enroll in courses April 17, 2024.