Deadlines Juniors

Junior Deadlines and Important Dates

2022 - 2023
Department of Religion

Week of Nov. 13thMeet with Director of Undergraduate Studies to review Spring Courses – make appointment through Calendly

Complete Departmental Academic Planning Form (DAPF) in TigerHub

Jan.17th (Fri., noon) JP proposal due to Professor Perry:
Electronic copy via email
Advisers will be assigned shortly after submission and be provided with a copy of the JP proposal.

Week of Jan. 23rdStudents notified of JP adviser assignments

Week of Jan. 30thMeet with JP adviser

March 6th (Mon.) Submit draft of 15 pages to adviser

March 31st (Fri.) Submit complete draft to adviser

Week of April 10thMeet with Director of Undergraduate Studies to review Fall Courses
-- make appointment through Calendly|
Complete Departmental Academic Planning Form (DAPF) in TigerHub

April 17th (Mon., noon) Junior Paper due
Email to Michelle Medici ([email protected]) by 12:00 noon

EXTENSIONS: Extensions of independent work deadlines may be granted only under extraordinary circumstances, usually involving medical conditions, and students must petition the director of undergraduate studies in advance of the deadline. Individual advisers cannot grant extensions. For extensions beyond the University JP deadline, students must consult their residential college Dean or Director of Studies. Late JPs which have not received an approved extension will be assessed grade penalties as described in the Independent Work Extension Policy and Late Penalties document

May 5th (Fri., noon) Email Junior Statement to Michelle Medici ([email protected])
Faculty comments on JPs due back to Michelle

May 8th (Mon.) Students receive adviser comments                          

May 10th and 11th, (Wed.-Thurs.) Junior Conversations
(You MUST leave these days open and unscheduled)