Format For Senior Theses

You must submit two copies of the thesis on the due date set by the Religion Department.

1. Email a PDF copy of your senior thesis by 12:00 noon to Michelle Medici ([email protected]), Department of Religion.

2. Upload a digital copy of your senior thesis to the Thesis Central (link is external) website for departmental review and archiving at Mudd Library.


Hard copies are acceptable but not required and may be permanently bound or in a temporary binder
(this copy will be returned following your oral examination).

Margins: The left-hand margin should be 1 1/2″, the right-hand margin, the top and bottom margin should be 1″.

All independent work must be typewritten, double-spaced, single-sided on 8 1/2″ x 11″ white paper. Careful proofreading is essential. Students alone will be held responsible for the finished product, including typographical errors.

Format: The various components occur in the following order:

1. Title Page


Your full name

Submitted to

The Department of Religion, Princeton University
in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the degree of Bachelor of Arts

Your supervisor’s name

Date of submission (sample);

2. Authorization Page (sample)3. Princeton Honor Code Pledge4. Dedication (if any)

4. Epigraph (if any)

5. Table of Contents (sample)

6. List of Illustrations (if any)

7. List of Tables (if any)

8. Preface and/or acknowledgments (if desired)

9. List of Abbreviations (if any)

10. Introduction

11. Chapters of Text

12. Conclusion

13. Appendix (if any)

14. Bibliography (please note that this must be a full bibliography and not simply a list of works cited)