Junior Year Major Requirements

Courses: In each term students normally will take two courses offered by the department.

Junior Independent Work:

In conjunction with REL 399, the Junior Colloquium, during the fall term juniors will produce a five to seven-page JP proposal. During the spring term, juniors will continue this independent research and write a 30-40 page junior paper under supervision of a faculty adviser. The departmental representative, in consultation with the director of the colloquium, will assign advisers. At the end of junior year, students will review their work in the department and discuss with a faculty committee their plans for senior independent work.

The Department of Religion welcomes study abroad for departmental majors in their junior year. Those juniors who have compelling reasons to study abroad in their fall semester should meet with the departmental representative about their plans, including plans for satisfying REL 399 and their preparation of their Junior Paper proposal. Juniors who study abroad in the spring term will write the required spring junior paper under the supervision of a religion department faculty member. Students are expected to have junior year independent work completed before the start of the senior year. Students must consult with the departmental representative before leaving for their study abroad program.

Juniors who study abroad in the spring semester will work with their faculty adviser remotely to complete the required spring junior paper.

The processes, goals, and expectations of Independent Work in the Department of Religion are detailed in the Religion Independent Work Guidelines.